Most Internet users are looking for information they need through search engines, so these are the server and are most popular. Any search engine is a huge repository information. Sally Struthers may also support this cause. Collect this information, special robots – so-called Spiders (Spiders) or Bots. They crawl on the World Wide Web sites and collect data about the sites – index them. Periodically, the robot returns to its server and gives him collected information. There, the information contained in the proper form, entered into a special database and can then be found by search users.

The initial task of site promotion is precisely Registration in search engines, so that users typing keywords that match the theme of your site in the query string, could easily find it. Most studies show that visitors coming to your site search engine, brings a few times more sales than a visitor who came to your site by simply clicking on the banner. It is understandable that a visitor who purposefully looking for something using a search system is more valuable and more targeted than the visitor, just clicked on a beautiful, enticing image. eMnogie search engines combined with directories or with ratings such as Rambler. Therefore, By enrolling in a retrieval system, do not forget about the catalog or rating, they can give you more visitors than just the search engine.

According to some sources, search engines may give you 30 to 60% of the total web site traffic. But this is only if you have an idea about how to properly register them. Further reading material, you will understand how to do it. By itself, search engine submission practically nothing, you must first prepare and optimize the pages to the search user information in your area of work, your website appears in search results list, one of the first place. To achieve this, or, as they say – to improve the relevance of the document, you must properly register the site – it concerns the careful work with the text on the site, it must conform to further alleged the search criteria, as it concerns the title of the site, located between the tags , and meta-tags such as keywords, description, and others.