“But advises paddyll”: bring easy-to-eat “. Fan bases were all in all in the advice community for any amusement park. As well cut the parks for visitors, is above all by the age depending on and of adrenalin kicks and spectacular roller coasters are how important visitors. So can keep above all small parks often not with the great attractions of the famous facilities, provide lots of fun for this however, especially for very young visitors. And so voted Germany’s largest Advisor community: 1st: Europa-Park 2. square: HANSA-PARK 3.

square: Phantasialand 4. place: Heide-Park 5. square: BELANTIS 6 square: movie Park 7 square: skyline 8 Park place: Geiselwind 9 place: tropical islands 10th place: Bayern Park 11 square: LEGOLAND 12 square: Ravensburger Playland 13 place: Castle Thurn the overall evaluation results, as well as all experience reports find you under: award /… Gutefrage.net uses the high activity of the user on the gutefrage.net-Auszeichnung for the award. To be the products and services offered by Germany’s largest Advisor community assessed both complemented by own experience reports.

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