The law firms of our country, are leaving be seen by society as a simple union of lawyers under a single physical infrastructure. The legal services consumer wants authentic companies for legal services that have minimal patterns of management that will transform the relationship into a unique experience that fill and fill fully with the consumer’s expectations. To measure these needs and expectations, the law firms have to identify the customer’s desire, by searching for your expectation of purchase. This identification of desire should be approached by the lawyer as the search for a real human relationship with your client, that allows to build a realistic satisfaction expectation in the mind of your customer i.e. that for counsel not suppose an insurmountable obstacle their achievement (impossible claims, results uncertain etc.). We put as simple example some policies of loyalty and attraction employed by food chains and gas stations through the so-called loyalty cards, where the usual consumer is rewarded with trips and discounts redeeming their points consumed in their establishments. Parameters of consumption and marketing loyalty that cannot be applied and even mentioned in the world of law unless they are linked to a genuine strategy of human relations. It is ultimately flee those simplicities that customer may perceive negatively as a loss of value of our name, firm or law firm. It is not therefore find the solution to the loyalty or even attraction of the customer through these cards loyalty or complex systems of CRM (customer loyalty tools) but van aimed to build and exploit the relations with our clients and with our perimeter or geographic range of action. The greater or lesser degree of satisfaction of clients, will depend on the lawyer of generating capacity in their consumidores-Clientes experience an authentic and true human relationship, which ultimately generates the mouth to ear essential for the survival of the law firms.