Automatic start stop system for the diesel that fuels are becoming increasingly expensive, upset the Germans. Suzuki uses the moment and continues to rotate on the Spritsparschraube. There is now also the diesel car in the top class of facilities comfort”available with automatic start stop system. The system should enable a lower consumption in city traffic, the average consumption for the 1.3 liter – diesel falls to 4.1 litres. The vehicle Portal reported the savings system. The Suzuki Swift is a bestseller on the German market for years. Since September 2010, there are the small cars already in the fourth generation. The Japanese manufacturer offers a start stop system for the diesel version.

Using the fuel decreases carbon dioxide emissions from 109 to 106 grams per kilometre. On the maximum speed, the automatic start stop system has no influence, she still amounted to 165 kilometers per hour. The vehicle accelerates in 12.7 seconds to 100. The fuel is available only in the highest Trim level available. The comfort package also include automatic climate control, cruise control, light sensor, heated seats and heated exterior mirrors. 16.900 EUR is the price for the Suzuki Swift 1.3 liter – diesel with start stop system. For comparison: the Club equipment line with climate and audio system available for around 1,400 euros less. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann