However, the Netbios according to specification of the protocol published in the Technet library (2005), does not support the version most recent of protocol IP, the Ipv6. In this direction, the companies where she keeps its asset of nets with Microsoft technology and that this starting to use the IPv6, search for services or protocols that support this new project of addressing and, that they minimize the traffic in the net and guarantee the security of the data of the beginning to the end of the transmission of the packages, in environments where it does not have implementation of domnios. Thus and ahead of the new necessities for protocols that optimize the traffic of the net, that they supply resolution of simple names and efficient in corporative environments where not yet he has been implemented serving DNS (Service Name Domain), one searchs to as well as demonstrate to the advantages and use of protocol LLMNR (Link Local Multicast Name resolution) in environments of nets Microsoft Ipv6: to know the process of resolution of names, the definition of the Netbios protocol and its functionality, the definition of protocol LLMNR and its functionality and to a comparison enters both with respect to advantages and disadvantages in environments of Microsoft nets. 2.RESOLUES OF NAMES In the perspective To eat (1998, P. 423) the first systems of computers forced the users to understand addresses numerical to have access the available resources in the net.

For the access of resources in the net each interface of net hardwired to the necessary computer of an only physical address. The IEEE defines the format and the attribution of addresses LAN (Local Network Area? Local net) physicists for each interface of net. The IEEE requires addresses MAC (Measured Access Control? Control of Access the Media) ‘ ‘ unicast’ ‘ , globally only, in all the interface plates..