The goals are to reach the maximum of the families registered in cadastre in the program stock market family through the orientaes on the condicionalidades of the program and to reduce the index of pertaining to school infrequncia. 6 METHODOLOGY the objective considered for the present Project will be operacionalizados by means of the effective participation of the responsible parents and or for benefited for the Federal Program Stock market Family, as well as through the contributions of the partners, thus elanados: Social assistant, City department of Education, City department of Health, Agents of Health and others. Being, thus, as form to take care of the objectives of the project, necessary to trace action strategies to follow explanada: At the first moment, It would serve as apprentice it will be it in Social Service, it will make the presentation of the Project, after that orientativa lecture for the Social Assistant will be pronounced, speaking on what it is the Program Stock market Family, as functions focusing, in the importance of if fulfilling the condicionalidades of the same in the area of the social assistance, as well as the Master Operators will explanaro as if they give these controls, through the municipal secretaries of Education and Health. At the following moment, cartilha orientativa on the program will be distributed. 7 HUMAN RESOURCES Master Operator of the City department of education Master Operator of the Secretariat Municipal theatre of education Probationary social Assistant of Social Service Agent communitarian of health I photograph Operator for the Material retroprogetor MATERIAL Item Amount unitary Price total Price 01 Paper A4 01 ream 15 15 02 03 05 Penxses unids 0,6 3 Computer 04 Retroprogetor 05 Telephone 06 great Room 07 Table 08 09 Chairs Snack 200 unids 2 400 10 Xerox 300 unids 0.1 300 11 10 Photographs unids. 3 30 TOTAL 748 FINANCIERS the financial resources to be used will be inserted in the financial cronograma of the City department of Social Assistance of Arau/SE..