Valley to strengthen that the population to if organizing obtain to discern that ‘ ‘ right, differs from necessity or lacks and interesse’ ‘ (CHAU & SAINTS 2007, P. 79), where the possibilities to extend the conquests, occur through claims, however of legitimate form, thus assuring, the right not only to the adequate housing and the city, as well as to the other rights the one that if jus makes. Demon (2007, P. 19), salient that the people when leaving of being manipulation object obtains to have subject conscience while of right and if to organize around its interests, and thus to surpass the poverty politics, that according to exactly author is the worse existing poverty. Leaving of this reality, it is necessary that the individual to possess a worthy life, before the opposite to the domination or the exploration of determined social groups that desire to keep its privileges, and from this context needs to locate itself, to create ways for one society more joust and igualitria. For in such a way, if it also makes necessary amongst other professionals the presence of the Social Service in the area of the habitation, that works not only in reinforcement to the access to the social rights, but for the consolidation of the citizenship, which is characterized by the social rights, politicians and civilians, thus legitimizing practical the social one of the individual.