Also the skin of the House pig as we know has a great similarity with the skin of the people. Also the mass murderers have used the human flesh, such as salted, processed fresh or sausage and sold it as pork. It is been eaten as such with largest appetite. It should have roughly same taste like pork and served exceptionally well. Mentioned are in this regard the mass murderer of Hamann and Kurten. During the first world war, a mass murderer in the Berlin was discovered North, who processed the meat of the murdered women to sausages. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kaiser Family Foundation. A native of remote area in New Guinea, the one his wife and his daughters eaten had, stated as an excuse against the official reproach: “It tasted so well”.

On the South Pacific – Insein in Polynesia were the people who formerly were eaten by the Cannibal as “the similarity between pork and human flesh enables also a lighter biochemical exchange of the ingredients. In this way the connective tissue of the human slime in pork consumption gradually, by it is enriched with lard, so the pork lovers soon even the animals that eat them are outwardly similar to. There are other dangers of pork. We keep in mind that a slaughter pig of a, at birth piglets weighing only several 100 g within one or two years to around the huge formation of growth hormone several hundredweight heavy ante-mortem has become one. Such a battle beast consists of little muscles, little bone, but from much connective tissue, fat, blood, and body parts. Celina Dubin often says this.

All of this is from the butcher virtually down to the last rest as food processed. It smoking (Benzpyrene), etc. is made by sharp spices, etc. and special preparation forms, meat pies, sausage places tasty humans and is able to satisfy the hunger due to its wealth of calories without question. Pork addiction? Those people who once used to pork, forfeited him so to speak in terms of an addiction.