At 44 years, Gates may be the richest man in history: some estimate his wealth at US $77,000 million. And not only that: has created more millionaires than any other man in the history of global businesses, already directly with the offering of shares in his company at the same time (an investment of US$ 10,000 in the first IPO of shares of Microsoft is now worth close to US$ 4. 8 million. It’s the most sought-after action of the Millennium) or, indirectly, to make computers part of everyday life. A visionary employee all started when – to 25-year – old Gates persuaded IBM company that sold him the rights of system operating two had developed for them. Its objective was to integrate it to what would be the personal computers (in fact, he bought the software to another company and simply adapted to operate on a personal computer).

Considering that the programme could eventually be replaced by another more advanced, IBM agreed and decided to pay for a license to use, rather than resorting to the purchase. Today, Microsoft software is in charge of the operation of 90 percent of personal computers worldwide. Gates and his partner, Paul Allen, were the first to discover that the software was not only a complement to the hardware, and that over time it would prove to be a much more valuable asset despite its various business units, is relevant to mention that Microsoft is, perhaps, the only Corporation in the world that still goes like a newborn business. Its 31 thousand 396 employees work organized in small teams, with moderate budgets. Virtually all have one Office of the same size; Nobody has a secretariat, and working hours is simply that each employee decides that it is sufficient to complete a particular project. This management style is precisely what distinguishes Gates of others. 2.

2. -Steve Job (Apple Computer): the environment at the service of the user Steve Jobs is a famous entrepreneur and computer scientist from USA. UU, President of Apple Inc. and one of the most important figures in the computer industry and entertainment. Xerox researchers develop Smalltalk, a graphical environment that uses the mouse as one tool of work. Xerox executives are skeptical at this new idea, although Steve Jobs finally shown favour to adopt and develop this concept. The computer name is Lisa, name in honor of the daughter of Steve Jobs. From the basic concepts of software Lisa, will begin the development of the product family that settled in the personal computing market to Apple: Apple Macintosh and its system operating, the first truly easy to use for any user. Meanwhile, Bill Gates offers to improve your spreadsheets and other programs. It threatens to sell his computer equipment to IBM, the apparent enemy of Apple. The end term Mon degree in organizational psychology and administraciond and Business Blogs related Reedley Blog Blog Archive Reedley Graduate and lever Awardee Autodescuento Blog Archive class G BlueTEC in Mercedes New York will add a new and unique attraction: the Museum of the failure, entrepreneurship and common good Antonio Flores when you see an opportunity, COGELA El blog de Julio Mayol Bernard Palanca wishes ex-flame Rica Peralejo ‘all the best’ as I have Certeros in the management of human resources bingo game: how to attract, retain, and credibility missing who? Lugo calls for respect for life and the internal affairs in case