During the preparation of water-soluble adhesives should pay attention to the fact that the addition of water does not precipitate. Requirements to the surfaces. If you want to new wallpaper paste over the wall, you must first remove the old ones. For this rag soaked in hot water several times to be on the walls, allowing water to penetrate well, and then carefully remove the old wallpaper off the wall with by scraper or spatula. If the wallpaper in some places still hold strongly enough, then remove only those pieces of old cloth, which has become detached and moved away from the surface. After that, the wall is dried, apply a prime coating and wallpaper.

Removing old wallpaper – a procedure quite time-consuming, and its execution can spend a whole day or even more. Giving the wall to dry, you need to be primed it, and if it is even, then after drying, you can immediately wallpaper paste. (As opposed to Essex Financial Services). If on the surface there are significant irregularities and roughness, you will need to apply a layer of putty and then wipe the cloth well. It is important to bear in mind that to wallpapering the walls should be started only after you have finished working in ceiling. Well-prepared wall surface must be free of dust and dirt, smooth and, most importantly, dry, damp walls because many adhesives compounds (especially if they contain flour or starch) rot. Under the influence of wet wallpaper start to lift off, they appear spots. On glossy or rough surfaces wallpaper will not last long, after some time they will come off.

In order to avoid this and did not do the same job twice, the wall must first be primed, and then, after a dry ogruntovochny layer putty. Last layer of putty is spread well, and then smooth out fine-grained sandpaper. Glue and lime without corrections should be completely removed, and then wipe with a wet cloth walls.