Among the Gypsies, the sorceresses called Shuvanis or clairvoyants. Women whose wisdom is transmitted from generation to generation. For a century, it was believed that the Shuvanis maintained carnal dealings with the spirits of the Earth or water in exchange for powers and knowledge. And that of these unions arose, in turn, new Shuvanis. Nothing more obviously false: the set of knowledge and procedures of Gypsy magic is transmitted by the Shuvanis to its descendants more suitable in an indestructible chain of wisdom which includes, among other skills, the ability to decrypt the keys to the past, present and future through the Gypsy tarot.

The 4 elements, water, air, fire and Earth, lead the practice of the Shuvanis with its flow of rich symbolism. Honoring nature is its main law. Any action that does not respect the deep communion attained by Gypsies with the motherland over centuries of common history is simply unacceptable. Gypsies consider the gift of clairvoyance as the ability to enter in tune with the energies of the deck of tarot and who want to see it. They consider that this special gift is transmitted from generation to generation.

But it is a gift that nothing is worth if the clairvoyant not continues enriching it every day through study and experience. Because come into harmony with the energy of the consultant implies the ability to interpret the message that the cards have for him in that particular circumstance of his life. Something that is not achieved without fine intuition, experience life, sensitivity and knowledge of the human soul and its mysteries. It is there arises the tradition which indicates that the tarot consultations always must be paid. Not because do not bring bad luck, a very common myth that still circulates, but because the Shuvanis face them as a job that demands effort, honesty and preparation and, as such, it deserves respect. The Shuvanis may indeed opt to give a consultation free of charge if they so wish, but always within a framework of consideration and appreciation for his work. Not in vain is thanks to them that the rich tradition of the Gypsy tarot has come alive to the present day. A tradition that combines unique and vital intuition, joy, tradition and centuries of experience, sensitivity and love for nature. Original author and source of the article