Amid the global economic and fuel crisis the highest heat-shielding characteristics of modern building materials are of major importance, because the cost of maintaining spostroek at regular increasing energy costs are determined by more spending on heating and air conditioning. Porous concrete has all the advantages paramount, meet current requirements for building materials heat-insulating properties, but with all this, he asks the highest culture of compliance system works. For the development of a modern, efficient construction needed vseprigodnye recruitment of raw materials and in the ordinary Structural technology for the band. The aforementioned bands are allowed in-built conditions produce effective wall and insulation materials, and products for constructional purposes such as Jumper, roof slabs and floors. As more fully Siim requirements can satisfy the development fibropenobetona natural hardening, as the negative impacts of the above reasons for operational characteristics of porous materials and products from them can be eliminated by the dispersed reinforcing synthetic fibers. Foam concrete as the most effective type of cellular concrete in soon get it soon razrostanie in several states in Western Europe, land of the rising sun and the usa. Personality applied technology there is need to bring the components to specific surface of 2500-5000 cm2 / g, which significantly complicates the process and increases their stoimost.I especially with regard to the urgency of the problem of energy saving building complex should focus attention on effective production technology cellular concrete, created for the monolithic and modular implementation. It aims at construction of programs adopted by the Cabinet.

Based on the opinion of environmental and economic efficiency costs of creating, bezavtoklavnye cellular concrete are considered the most promising. But the size of their implementation in building comparable small. Missing the introduction of cellular concrete is connected with those qualities as a tendency to phase separation in forming arrays and the highest shrinkage pressed during the curing and operating very highest sensitivity to temperature fluctuations environment in the period from laying consistencies in the formwork before the seizure. This program is approved by the Department of Building Technology and suggests ways to make greater use of low-power monolithic polygons and assorted civil and industrial construction. Any method of monolithic and precast-monolithic construction was used by the German system of firms in the reconstruction of central Berlin the end of the reunification of Germany. In addition, he showed his technical and economic efficiency, such a method of construction, in our opinion, it is considered environmentally friendly environment. And the environmental aspects, expressed in the total energy cooking unit of output at the current stage of civilization the most central, as it was the outcome of engineering of human activities on land have led to global climate change. And if not to reduce the cost of energy expenditure, the ecological balance of the environment, evident in the last century, the twenty-first century could be catastrophic.