And these ideas, dragged across disciplines or areas of our life where we need to share knowledge and learn "from" others. These concepts make a groove in our minds years can be installed there, or you can change depends on each and the will to change the concept includes not only this, also comes into play the integrity of one, fear of error or wrong, knowing that help is available to another, trying to adapt to what the other says not to create conflict that explains, fear to ask, "learning to learn." There are many psychological and physiological mechanisms that are involved in the exchange of knowledge between one person and another, but as some people were not educated in the "how" is the most effective way of education, many do what they can and the best way possible in its context and its possibilities. Therefore, it is not good to criticize or get angry with them, but they were better understand phrases just spoken by others, and perhaps that is what has bound us today and prevents us from opening ourselves to learn and incorporate new concepts. I like the idea of learning "with" the other as a two-way street. One is nourished, features and another brand the way we need to get that knowledge, that information gives us guidelines, and we mark far we can go if we are good at empathy, listen to what we said the other, and get their way process the information that we are transmitting. It would be nice to have a thoughtful and caring attitude towards ourselves, in order to open up and feel that we can learn and do whatever we want, like learning a new language as adults, for example. The only block that we have is the limitation that we set ourselves.