He determines the rhythm of the reference and the reference quantity itself. An update contains 60-80 photos on CD, motif prints in format 21 x 20 cm for filing included. In the per image costs are so designed that the price of a full update already has paid for itself after a single use of the image. This enormous profitability is unmatched in the industry in regard to the quality of the delivered. -Digital quality: the creativ collection is set to high: 304 dpi, RGB, A4 parent format, ready to print, large-format prints possible. Digital system of search to quickly find.

More Panel than in the most Katalogprints offer the most photos in the digital data of 5 to 25%. This means: more design reserves and greater individual freedom in the trimming. -Copyright security: all motives of creativ collection photo service are thoroughly tested. Because most of the photos come from the Publisher-internal production, a high security of copyright is gegebenwas to normalcy, quite counts. In some cases, the customer is recommended to differentiate between advertising and editorial use. -Advice and service quite earned the predicate personally at creativ collection. No professional call center type answers, but full-time professionals: media designers, graphic designers, advertising. People that speak the language of the customer.

Any advice is free of charge to the individual photo selection, it is equal, whether individual images or image sequences, which are collected and offered wishes. Interesting: Update customers of PhotoService received a hefty customer discount on all single photos and themes CDs that do not belong to the PhotoService. The PhotoService is creativ collection which summed up the main advantages the customer regardless he can immediately on good photos access, without waiting, without individual billing. With the PhotoService of creativ collection, the development of an own image archive is possible very reasonably priced and with a temporally and spatially unlimited right of use. The PhotoService of creativ collection allows the user on the brainstorming effect * what in the design, a creative layout, is of great importance. * A short explanation: Usually the user comes with, what he’s looking for, get an idea of image to the image pool there or not. The PhotoService of creativ collection is it reversed: the image pool can be it yourself, giving the user the idea, namely about the so-called brainstorming effect, which occurs when one uses the creative wealth of the own image archive, it scrolls and physically interact with the motifs to. For more information also on the complete program of creativ collection Verlag GmbH at: press release of the creativ collection Verlag GmbH contact: Robert Haralambie Tel.: 0761/47924-0, fax: 0761/47924-11