The children sometimes are an obstacle that some parents do not surpass, but the specialists in the human behavior maintain that the children are affected when is lived in an atmosphere of permanent conflict. There are people with solid cultural formation who think that the sentimental relations demand a seriousness level, that the homes are due to handle with order or they become contributor to misadjust the society more. Sumatoria of the families who are part of the social weave, like a brick in a construction, forms the solid structure of a society or a state, for that reason it is necessary to take it and love seriously. To divorce is fashion, says people in its daily commentaries. ” To continue married with a person who does not love itself is one perversin” , they can say other so many. The tradition or custom to live all the life with the same person no longer stays, thus are children of by means. By this it is important to know very clearly the things when one is going away to make as serious decision as the marriage or the coexistence in pair and in addition to think very seriously when there are children of by means, so that they do not end up paying the consequences of our bad decisions. The behavior meditates or and collaboration that you have had in his family, never looks for guilty by outside, feels like the victim, but much less the aggressor, it only watches in his interior which has been its contribution in the home and which can be the reason for its separation or divorce, thus, being conscious of the situation it can help and look for the wisest solution to follow ahead. It remembers that their decisions in the present are fundamental base in their future, looks for more on these subjects, looks for more articles in Spanish and asesrese well to follow ahead in their knowledge.