We listen, asentimos and we changed of subject. We never must debate these opinions without relation with the subject. Chapter 8: The closing of the sale When the interview of sales has taken correctly, that arrives a little while in is not possible to continue the negotiation. It is the hour to close the operation. The challenge is in how obtaining the order. If the previous phases have progressed satisfactorily, to close the operation will be easy. The suitable moment of the closing is when an objection has been solved and no longer are more to answer.

We were with two passages for the closing: 1. – To summarize the benefits accepted by the client and the aspects of interest. It consists of enumerating the benefits that the client will obtain with the product or service. 2. – To propose a plan of action, that is to say, to realise one or several supplies that are easily asumibles by the client, considering the spoken thing in the interview. Two types of signals that the client gives us whom she indicates to us that exist already we can realise the closing: 1.

– Physical: smile, to make calculations, to return to watch some detail, to fixedly watch some pamphlet or document that we have given to him, to get up themselves on the table, to touch the chin and to agree with the head. 2. – Verbal: to ask some detail, to put inconsistent objections, commentaries favorable towards the mark, to already make mental arithmetic and references to economic conditions views. Chapter 8: The Technical closing of the sale of it closes of the sale In the previous section we studied which is the suitable moment to realise the closing of the sale, as well as the steps to carry out to take to good term the interview. Now we are going to analyze the closing techniques.