Therefore legally they could not work, and it was not advisable to use the proper name. It chooses the name Jorge to be able to coneseguir this service, what many problems would cause it, therefore as soon as arrived, its manager called to it the other side of the corridor: I clink! , I clink! it nor turned the head. Unresolved matter with its indifference, the manager, who was Polish, if approaches to it and cutuca saying: I am calling to it and you do not answer, because? Half without skill it argues that he did not listen well of the right ear, for having had a problem in infancy. Badly he finishes of if to justify, Ana calls to it, to the shouts, for its true name and it she capsizes for Pavel, the manager and says: to also call they costumam me for my nickname college that it is I clink. (The times he himself if surprised as it had so fast exits). Ana went presenting to it to all people, but it complimented them more for formality, therefore he was still not felt safe, if garotinho in its first day of lesson felt as one, looking at around the people.

You return to really be almost a child in this situation. For still not dominating the language, it had to always have the assistance of that it spoke to take off you of constrangedoras situations. Ana all went showing to the building, giving always prominences to it for the exits of emergencies. It not yet understood well because it in such a way insisted so that she kept the exits well, and it question if she happened fires with frequency in that building. It answers that never she had one alone fire there. Without understanding, she inquires to it regarding its concern for the emergency exits and it she answers to it: She is that here you cannot trust nobody.