The implemented system allows to simplify and expedite the work of cashiers – is now in stores no queues and shortages eradicated. The result – this month the number of customers increased by 2 times! The main activity of a retail food stores, “Chars” is the sale of alcoholic beverages. Mode – non-stop, with above-average flow of customers and numerous stock. The combination of these factors inevitably led to queues at the cash register and many lack. Ie the basic requirements of network management for automation was to improve the efficiency of customer service and strict registered products. After analysis by specialists assigned to the ICE task, the network “Chars” was suggested adapted for retail solution from ATOL, a software product “Frontol.Supermarket.” Such choice is due to the introduction of the discount system, which was the same for all stores, “Chars”. With this decision, the network can get to the central office of a detailed analysis of purchases for each card. Except It was established standard solution “1C: Trade Management 8″, which was modified to automate the tasks of each of the two stores.

For fast service large customer flow and improve their loyalty program solution was combined with a suitable commercial equipment. The two stores have been established: System units for BIT POS-systems, Programmable keyboard LPOS-064-M02 with 64 keys and a magnetic card reader maps to 2 lanes, Vacuum fluorescent displays customer Firich FV-2029M, Fiscal registrars Bar-M-FS-K and cash drawers for them. Also in one of the shops in the workplace cashier installed LCD Monitor ACER 17 ‘and laser omnidirectional scanner on the stand METROLOGIC MS7120 ‘Orbit’ to read the barcode from the product. In another shop put the monitor 9 ‘SUPER SP-868 and omnidirectional laser scanner on the stand METROLOGIC MS3580’ Quantum-T, and to take stock and carry goods inventory data collection terminal helps Cipher 8001L (2MB). Self introduction is further developed under the requirements of the system stores just passed under the stated terms – each store automate this week – and without difficulties.

Automation has significantly simplified the work of employees of the network “Chars”, which immediately had a positive impact on the speed of customer service, which amount for the month increased 2-fold. This allowed quick return on embedded systems. A module is a strict accounting of the goods delivered to stores deficiency. “Automation stores really facilitated our work. Cashiers easy to use program that has improved control and records of the goods. In this case we have significantly increased influx of buyers, since maintenance has become much faster, and people are always interested in this.