68 Per cent of the electricity used in the United States is generated by burning fossil fuels are polluting. The rest is generated in hydroelectric and nuclear power plants, and only a tiny fraction comes from clean, renewable resources such as wind, sunlight, underground steam and biomass (organic matter that is converted into energy). Now things are changing and some States require power-generating companies that obtain a percentage of electricity from renewable resources, and other States are considering implementing similar requirements. very low frequency renewable energy makes it possible to save money for consumers. When consumers use renewable resources such as the Sun and wind, the cost of electricity generation is reduced largely to the wholesale and electricity accounts are diminished. The use of renewable energies enables the reduction of the emissions that are harmful and deteriorating environment, in different parts of the world there is awareness about the topic and they have begun to put into practice forms of power that are not harmful to the environment. It has these measures joins the initiative of the recycling of waste in cities from containers in which classified the different items to be recycled. Original author and source of the article