Novice users do not immediately think of such an important topic, as – traffic. They are almost unknown to such a thing – just for the reason that when you access the Internet via modem diapou traffic do not need to be considered, because in such a connection must only pay for time spent on the Internet, but not for such download. This is understandable – that can actually pump up a dial-up when it is the speed limit? Very insignificant number. Telephone line has been designed to download files sizes – movies, music albums. Even a short track through dial-up pump is difficult – also did not phone the volume Another thing – leased line or district network.

When a home user, there is a dedicated channel – it immediately goes into a slightly different consumer categories. Because now its consumption of the web grow on several orders of magnitude. What do you think how much download a simple internet user, if to his computer, the Internet comes through fast local area network? About two hundred megabytes. And that if he does not swing movies, not enjoys music format MP3 (more accurately, is not fond of downloading it to your computer from the network) and not a big consumer of all graphics and video. Two hundred megabytes – a common thing, and it's the most common sites and the most common volume. And in month, it turns out, among other things, 5 gigabytes. In this case, Internet users already have to think about the fact that such traffic, and most importantly – how much of this traffic is consumed.