Something to consider is that there is a statistic that says 50% of businesses close in the first three years. 40% close within the next five years. And Only 10% succeed. Although it is a simple statistic, I do not think that is very far from reality. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Austin Apartments by clicking through. The new revolution in business E-Commerce As I always do, let us define as wikipedia: E-commerce (the anglicized Electronic Commerce) is to buy and sell products or services over electronic systems such and other computer networks. Visit Conrad N. Hilton Foundation for more clarity on the issue.

The exchange conducted electronically has grown dramatically since the classification of the Internet. It’s definitely a real business that moves goods and services directly to end public, global, and where every day, every minute, add hundreds of thousands of people. On one side are those who bring new offers and proposals and the other those who seek and apply new products and services. With a constant evolution and growth, continuous and endless in terms of products and demands of them. Some major differences between traditional business and traditional business E-Commerce is a need for capital is necessary clearances, permits and registrations. Fixed costs can not avada’re tied to a schedule of care costs generally permanent employees need remodeling and renovation of stock in many cases it is necessary sell to credit (increased risk).

You hardly get clients to teach you to open branches spread out (investment money) do not have the free time E-Commerce No accounts receivable accounts payable No No rentals With little inventory No employees No fixed costs With local minimum investment for all types of people also be done from your home can sell all over the world Well, it’s just a small sample, but you can clearly see the main differences between them. Sometimes a mere fact that a simple information is sufficient to trigger our response and that’s enough to make a decision.

The technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, we want people to live with it, is in our lives, a constant presence renewed and surprising, which gives us opportunities and new things all the time. It is responsible for that man has obtained a better quality of life. The technology imposes its presence and assigns new patterns, new rules and new trends. One of these new trends is clearly the Trade Electronic (E-Commerce) is the global revolution in the business world: With internet broke down barriers, jumped the walls and magnifies the open and direct communication worldwide, and this formidable power of this new media gives us way of doing business emerged from new technologies.

Finally, technology is here, at your disposal. These new possibilities are within your reach, but yet are so close and so biased that you have in your own hands on the keyboard that is now before you. Just spend a little more time and find what you’re looking for. Good luck!