From Experteer we are aware of the importance of having a CV of professional-looking, and that’s why we are going to offer a series of recommendations to optimize your CV and make it an attractive tool to headhunters and with high degree of employability, by following these three rules: the rule of simplicity of headhunting and HR professionals recommend that the CV is conciseof course, if you can be a page better than two. Probably invest about 30 seconds initial in the first review, so less is more rule we should always keep in mind. They expect to find quantitative results, for example I got a growth in sales of 15% and 7% benefits or I have managed a team of 10 people. At some point in the selection process going to ask about these figures. It is a good strategy to advance them in the CV, it helps to highlight among the rest. If you are a consultant maybe it can be difficult to determine your individual successes, in that case try to describe those goals that you’ve met and have made a critical difference. or follow the chronological style mentioning key data in your training and previous experience. or avoid any introductory paragraph, allow your experience to speak for you.

or not you summarize your skills, that’s the job of the headhunter. or quantify your successes. or stands out all the names of all companies, institutions or organizations with which you have worked or collaborated. or avoid long lists of personal interests, two or three are enough. The rule of the structure there are two basic structures in the CV, the chronological and based on skills.

The chronological structure should provide details of the jobs you’ve held, starting with the most recent. This system provides a progressive vision of the professional career, is ideal for professionals with experience, not so much for young professionals who are starting your career development. Skills-based structure is not very common in our country, but if in Anglo-Saxon countries. If you are interested in contacting an international headhunting firm, or if you’re in a time of transition or change of direction in your career or have little experience, you can be the most appropriate. It can also be advisable if you are currently in a period of unemployment, or want to introduce you to a post in which demand skills you possess but which some time ago have not used. The rule of logic must bear in mind that to submit a CV that shows a solid and consistent career, we should emphasise good judgment and balance in our choices and changes in professional projects. Regular changes of work made leery to headhunters. If that is your case, you should explain the reasons, with assertiveness and coherent explanations. In the case of candidates with wide experience in various functional areas, must be presented this as a positive value that must be stand out. Don’t forget that it is a generalist experience is highly valued. The most important thing is to create the storyline of our professional career, as if it were a narrative tale, who better than we ourselves can we explain firsthand our history?