Linux will be the wave of the future? I do not know, but if it is, TeleMation ahead of the game. In recent years? In 2002, Oracle released their Global CRM in 90 days package that promised quick implementation of CRM in all offices of the company. Offered with the package was a flat rate service for commissioning and training for business needs. . Also in 2002 (a stellar year for CRM), mySAP, SAP America began using a “middleware” hub that was capable of connecting SAP systems to externals and front and back office systems for a unified operation that links partners, employees, processes and technologies in a closed loop function.

Siebel business based primarily on enterprise size businesses willing to invest millions in CRM systems, which worked for them the sum of $ 2.1 billion in 2001. However, in 2002 and 2003, revenues fell by several smaller CRM firms joined the fray as (ASP Application Service Providers). These companies, including result, NetSuite and SalesNet, offered businesses CRM-style tracking and data management without the high cost of traditional CRM start-up. In October 2003, Siebel CRM OnDemand launched in collaboration with IBM. Its entry into the headquarters, monthly CRM solution niche hit the market with gale force.

For some of the monthly ASP was a call to arms, for others it is a sign of growing confusion of Siebel on brand identity and increasing loss of market share. In a stroke of genius, Siebel acquired outcome a few months after adding them to walk and to facilitate their transition into the ASP market. Was a successful initiative. With Microsoft now in the game, it is too early to say what the results will be, but it seems likely that you can get anything from small businesses tend to buy based on familiarity and ease of use. ASP will continue to grow in popularity and, especially medium-sized enterprises, so companies like NetSuite, Siebel OnDemand SalesNet and prosper.