Language integration: the previous version of Windows comes in three versions – for European languages (single-byte characters, the letter only from left to right) for the Far Eastern languages (multi-byte characters) and Middle Eastern languages (writing from right to left with contextual variants of letters). Windows 2000 combines these features, all of its localized version made on a uniform basis. Leak source. February 12, 2004 became aware of the leak of the source Windows 2000-peer network. The size of archive contents was about 600 mb, which gave reason to believe that the source were made on CD-ROM. As it became known later, these sources match the version of Windows 2000 SP1. They were transferred to an Israeli company Mainsoft, which was engaged in porting the web browser Internet Explorer for UNIX-based systems. E-mail Addresses Mainsoft employees were found in one of the crash dump files in the archive with the sources.

Microsoft has confirmed this fact. Shortly after the leak was discovered a vulnerability in the handling code BMP-files in ie, an expert on computer security, who discovered the vulnerability, confirmed that he had found it by studying leaked source code. Minimum system requirements: Pentium-compatible processor with a frequency of 133 MHz or higher 32 mb ram ( 64 MB) 700 mb hard disk (recommended 2 GB) Windows 2000 Server / Advanced Server 133 MHz cpu 256 mb ram minimum 2 gb hard drive in 2001 – Out of Win xp (Win NT5.1). Windows xp is built on an enhanced Windows 2000 kernel and has a new, clear, simple and attractive interface, called the Corporation Microsoft 'Luna', which simplifies work with your computer.