This makes the impact less on the customer. Another case would be the of the suppliers of cleaners for the spa. In case of failure this provider, there are still more instances that allow you to minimize the impact, since it will be the cleaning staff who could replace those products, change the method of cleaning, etc. so that the client does not perceive this flaw. Therefore, in this way, can identify your company’s suppliers that have a more direct impact on your customers, and will be about them I suggest to implement the following actions: 1. agree on values and main objectives. If the masseuse doesn’t understand that for you is a value to serve your customers on their specific needs and that most of them rely on the spa with bounded time (therefore a company goal is compliance with schedules), can not work with this masseuse, since it would violate this principle of your company and overboard will pull your efforts in this regard. 2.

Once you belay you are on the same line, you must make to your suppliers clear specifications. If punctuality is a requirement, it defines what you understand by punctuality. It could be: be present 10 minutes before the requested schedule to begin the service at that time point. It is necessary that you do explicit and be specific on this, since every person can have different interpretations and given to bad misunderstandings resulting in flaws of the service. 3. Then you must establish a mechanism of control of those specifications (which are really important). If you establish that it should arrive 10 minutes earlier, how you will know if this is the case? Ask the customer? A goalkeeper? Thou shalt put an electronic access control? Will you do random checks? Define and agree also with the provider. 4.

Finally, specifies the actions to be followed in case of deviations, or threat of diversions. What should the masseuse do if you see you will not arrive on time? Do by what means will give notice, and a? who? What will communicate to the customer? Remember that, even if the provider has a commitment and your good will comply with it, can always appear factors that do not become possible, but there is where there must be an alternative plan to minimize the impact on the client. Remember that this is the ultimate goal. Well, then I invite you identify your key, which analysis the impact of your service to your clients and suppliers that take the management measures of the service that tells you to keep under control your added value, so it does not become cause of dissatisfaction for your customers. Mariana Pizzo am a professional passionate about quality in the service, and to assist those who have this challenge within organizations to increase the satisfaction of your customers.I am an Industrial Engineer graduated in the Inst. Tecnologico de Buenos Aires. I have passed my career attracted by the quality concept, deploying it in my different functions. I currently have a website,, It is a centre of training and tools to leaders of services.