Created a perpetual motion machine! Created a perpetual motion machine – and this is not some kind of supernova discovery scientists! To date, there are more than 10 unrelated projects working Perpetuum Mobile. All data on created eternal engines are classified by all Governments. From the available unclassified data, it is obvious that the first perpetual motion machine was created during World War II, scientists Nazi Germany, and finalized in 1945-1946 in the U.S. after removal of place of scientists and laboratories after the war. Development of Soviet scientists were successful only in the early 50-ies of XX century. But the result of the work of scientists and leaders of the country remained dissatisfied.

This was mainly due to the fact that Soviet scientists created Perpetuum Mobile had barely exceeds the efficiency of 100-105%, while a joint project of the German-American perpetual motion had efficiencies of over 140%. Due to "good" work intelligence, in the second half of 1950 a number of European countries have been able to recreate the projects of perpetual motion. Then, in the late 50's – early 60's hosted a conference in which the heads of state agreed to non-use technologies of perpetual motion. In subsequent years, some researchers enthusiasts have also repeatedly created their own perpetual motion machines, but the development of all of them were seized by government agencies, and strictly classified. Working principle of perpetual motion consisted of a closed loop, simulating a living organism. Due to this cycle, the engine continues to continuous operation, consuming only develop their energy and the energy that occurred as a result of interaction with the environment (friction, heating and so on.) just gave the energy that exceed 100% efficiency.

The only reason that zasekretili all the information about the eternal engines and did not allow for mass application, was the fact that the transition to a new kind of engine will no longer be a need for energy resources (oil, gas, etc.). that would seriously undermine the global economy, and would have ruined a number of countries, living by selling energy. So it is hardly in the world there is still something that people have not researched. Most likely it's just hidden from others. BS reference when copying the source is obligatory!