Touchless Kopf can hardly meet a person who would have liked to hurt. Catch a cold as a child and not go to school was the limit of all dreams. With age comes the understanding that hurt quite profitable. As to nullify various diseases when we are surrounded by ‘bacteria’? Isolate themselves, stay at home and nowhere to go, do not go to public places? Or … use Touchless! The principle of operation of automatic mixers touch is this: you simply bring the hands to the subtle eye for an infrared sensor faucet, and water flows. As soon as you remove your hands, the water stops to go. ‘Can non-contact mixer can protect you from many diseases?’ – You ask. Strangely enough, but it reduces the risk of automatic mixer HCV infection, acute respiratory infections, various fungal and infectious diseases, dysentery, lice, cholera and others that can be transmitted through unwashed hands, especially if you have damaged skin (cuts or abrasions).

Conventional mixers do not solve these problems. Closing the tap already washed his hands, you run the risk again carry infection from a random virus. That is why the contactless mixers are indispensable in public places. Sensor circuit Kopf mixers have no valves, no handles. All elements of the electronic plumbing hidden inside. They serve warm water, which is prepared by means of a thermostatic mixer.

In addition to offices, restaurants, cafes, clubs, shopping centers, Touchless Kopf now have purchased for home. It’s a fashion accessory for your bathroom or kitchen, and you, their owner, can rightfully be called an innovator who is not afraid bring to life something new, new technology. But the automatic sensor faucets not only add a new ‘stylish touch’ to your interior. From now on you will no longer think about whether you turned off the water or not, closed valve or not, electronic plumbing is turned off by itself. In addition, the Touchless Kopf integrated protection from drops and leaks. These faucets will last long, because they are deprived of ‘weakness’: they have no valves and handles, with most frequently occurring problems (eg, torn or dried out gasket).