This situation has formed a global trend towards displace coal and oil, traditionally used in power generation and engineering, timber, and is now serving as fuel and as raw material for chemical transformations. eu White Paper aims to triple use of bioenergy by 2010. Our neighbors therefore of great interest to the possibilities of export of Russian wood wastes and products derived from these commodity products. Products derived from wood by the action high temperature is one of the oldest technology of mankind. Archaeological excavations show that even cavemen knew charcoal. His collected on post-fire or made specially, sleeping ashes smoldering charred, and hiding in a cave from the elements, used as a fuel, does not cause intoxication. Probably the first metal was melted by accident, when the stones that surrounded the fireplace with burning coals, turned out to be ore.

From the beginning Bronze Age charcoal has become one of the foundations of advancing civilization. Today the world produces about 9 million tons per year of charcoal. More than 7.5 million tons from this quantitative Island Brazil does. -Rich Russia produces slightly more than 100,000 tons per year. At the same time in our country there is unmet demand for charcoal.

In the Russian coal imported from Belarus and Ukraine. China supplied the charcoal in Russia until recently, now began supplying crystalline silicon, which is also being done on charcoal. Consumption of charcoal per capita per year in European countries more than 20 kg, in the Nordic – 25 kg in Japan – 60 kg.