In this article we will try to give you advice on the choice of one of the most popular types of water heaters – water heater. At the present time, due to its ease of use, demand for such water heaters are fairly large, and increasing demand always gives rise to increase supply, and in this case there are more unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers and is becoming increasingly difficult to find really highly effective and inexpensive heater. The fundamental question 'on what settings you must first pay special vnimaenie while buying my water heater? 'We will try. First must decide what internal tank is preferable. Heater tanks are made of stainless steel or enamel-coated possess.

Stainless steel is relatively expensive, and in consequence the cost of these heaters is always much more. In this article we consider the enamel coating because it has a more affordable price, and under the rules of operation can serve as as long as the inner tank made of stainless steel. The purpose of my water heater – heating a volume of water in the storage period of the inner tank. The advantages of such devices without doubt is the ability to create completely autonomous hot water supply system, with the possibility of a one time use a large amount (based on the size of the tank, which can be range from 5 to three hundred liters.) hot water, with a rather low power consumption saves energy and use standard wiring, and under certain conditions to a single water heater additionally can be connected to multiple nodes intake. Terms of use water heater require interaction with aggressive media, the impact of corrosion, the constant change of water temperature in the tank without doubt detrimental effect on your water heater. In order to protect the inner tank water heater uses special coatings (Enamel coating, Teflon, titanium enamel, etc.), one of the most durable coating is biosteklofarforovoe tank, created and implemented by Termex. This cover is enhanced with enamel composition that satisfies all the requirements of the heater during its operation.

Biosteklofarforovoe plating recognized by some experts as the best, but but now it is used only in storage water heaters manufactured by THERMEX, in consequence of which the range is somewhat limited only devices of this brand. The advantage of this coverage is in its environmental and cleaning abilities, which gives the ability to maintain a clean and fresh water in the boiler for a considerable period. An equally important measure is the quality of the coating tank. The vast majority of water heaters rust is due to the presence of microscopic defects, which are not amenable to manual control. Basically it's microscopic air bubbles or cracks. During the operation savings water heater, the inner coating and thermal shocks affect hydro, and the pressure inside reaches eight atmospheres. Under these conditions, everyone, even the most imperceptible flaw can lead to cracks and rust on the inner surface of the tank, which is fraught with extremely negative consequences. And to achieve detection of such defects is possible using ultrasound scanning technology, did a few companies-manufacturers use these technologies, and because of this product has not passed a final control procedure can obviously fraught with disappointment. In general, electric storage water heaters can be a worthy alternative to other types of heaters and present the information I think can help make a decent choice for a reliable model that will work for many years.