This is nothing more than transmitted to us by our great-grandfathers – belts! Belt drive is one of the oldest forms of motive power transmission, in which they are applied. For example, from a driving force, whatever it is, the engine or gearbox. His densely covered belt pulley, which moves to the opposite end of the defined space, they are all attached to one basis, frame, concrete, etc. It is set another mechanism, which is also the pulley may have a different diameter and at him and moving the other end of the belt. Thus, the driving force is transmitted to another mechanism. In those early days of seat belts were made of the most diverse materials, from linen and ending with leather straps, they are, incidentally, is still used in various equipments.

But now, the most basic material of the drive belts are rubber products! They strongly got used absolutely in all branches of kinematics. You may want to visit Jeff Bowler to increase your knowledge. There are a variety of characteristics of belt: oil resistant, heat resistant and frost. On this day the main producer of rubber products is a scientific-industrial enterprise "RTP", she specializes directly in the manufacture of rubber products. Large assortment of the company has about ten thousand items of all kinds of products. This all kinds of seals, rings, cuffs, belts and more. The company employs highly qualified specialists, thanks to their professionalism and experience in solving the most complex technological and design challenges. Company engineers, designers, and even designers who have the appropriate education, and certainly the experience. Many of them were training abroad.

In the course of its evolution now being developed more and more new kinds of rubber products. From year to year and the choice of different kinds of goods, both for domestic equipment, and for import. And to date, specialists work together as all the engineering, automobile plants, as well as with leading research institutions. Employees attend various seminars and exhibitions, both in the Russian Federation and beyond abroad which are rubber products. They regularly raise their own professional experience and is accounted for by young workers convey their knowledge and experience. Production capacity of the enterprise, today allow for and control all enterprise, ranging from the lines of raw materials and sophisticated equipment, which makes products. The company values its customers, and it is worth noting that the range of large customers is growing every year. Processes, which operates an enterprise producing rubber products, remains ageless, would you once did not put on your car rather than throw the straps stocking your wife or girlfriend would be better if it would be belt high quality!