My sales to be better, more effective sales optimization has never been so easy! Do you know the problem? Rush from appointment to appointment, elaborate research to operate or supposedly good customer records to buy expensive? The time for the everyday business remains a just dimensioned good. The daily nagging questions up to the year 2002 itself, a longtime sales professional, I know the needs of Vertrieblern from the FF. Whether experienced seller or newcomer: all haunt at night or in the morning the same concern. Namely that, whether they have enough customers or dates, whether they will probably reach the targeted sales figures and targets. What do I do with the many rejections? How do I build a strong relationship of trust with the customer? Will I make it to stand out from the competition? I should research better? Tens thousands Vetriebler, men and women every day search an answer on all these questions, pass technical literatures and soon after they have struck it rich, he wasted again The everyday returns glimmer of hope. You feel not addressed? Prima! Congratulations! Then you need to read now no longer! If you do, I show you a way to waste less energy and instead to find more pleasure in the sale.

New customers only where? In the current crisis, another problem is clear: hardly a company can live only customers, there are new customers. What would happen if an AKunde is? Many salespeople nod approvingly experience has shown that when comes the speech on the acquisition of new customers. Yet the often bitter reality: “Fire brigade actions” with small Rod Messenger at existing customers Rob the Vertrieblern the time, consistently to acquire new customers. If you want to win new customers, you need to create the necessary space for the acquisition of your employees and above all time! Does your sales efficiently? In many sales organizations and processes it’s broke: considerable work effort addresses are researched, cold calling operated, sent information, written offers and through the administrative mill turned – offer testing and release – although the customer wanted to know a price for his Bugdetplanung “just go”. If this procedure is simplified, then time and money can be saved. In many companies this processes are not questioned but, according to the motto “we did always so, why should we change something?” If you carefully examine your day-to-day operational processes in sales, you can find certainly considerable savings. Do you have questions? Just call me! I’m looking forward to you! Andreas Schulze home office Raiffeisen trail 6 88416 Steinhausen Tel.: + 49-7358-924465