The movable telephones did not exist decades ago.In fact, the movable telephones began to be used when I was studying in the university and had like 20 years.Before that, only there were telephone cabins to contact to the house, and people were unattainable when they were outside the office or the home, was very common to listen to the excuse: ” I did not find of where llamarte”. Nowadays, to leave house without a moving body is almost unthinkable.We feel that we must have it and be able to be available for the others, where wants that we are and almost to any hour of the day.In fact, when we forgot our moving body in the home, the majority of people prefers to return to gather it although it must arrive behind schedule at the work. But the cellular balance sheet much more, no longer serves only to make calls, now has become a small computer with different applications, like mail of text, mail multimedia, video and recording of audio, connection social networks, etc., and more and more applications for movable telephones are being developed at the moment. One of the last applications that are becoming more and more popular is the espionage of cellular.For those of you who not yet have listened to speak of this application, it is an application that allows him to control the calls and text messages of an intelligent telephone, like a Blackberry or iPhone. With the purpose of to do this, you must connect the movable telephone (and only a movable telephone that she owns) To an equipment and he initiates session in a Web site. Then, it is question to load software stops the movable telephone.

The term ” espa” (that it is used for marketing aims, like the term ” poder” in energy drinks) one talks about to the fact that the telephone does not give any instructions of which this software has settled in him. The cellular one will not show icons, sounds, logos, or indication of any type that can warn the users. Finally, since software stops espionage of cellular does not have the intention to be illegal, the sites sell that it make you sign (or click) in an agreement that says only it is going to install the application in the moving bodies that it owns legally.On the other hand, in spite of which some create, he is not possible to install this own software in his cellular one to spy to other moving bodies.