Too many people are surprised such an application. After all foreseeable historical past of our planet is nothing like this yet not known. People's power was only in slogans preachers leftist ideas, but actually it belonged to always only to those who could capture her righteous or wicked ways, then who tried to hold it in any way. Since the time of occurrence of the term "state" control scheme of our world was approximately the same. People who have had a more developed form of consciousness, the desire for power – one of the main instincts of human consciousness – pushing out to subjugate other people, using only the power over them to meet another, equally important instinct of human consciousness – an instinct satisfaction. Thus, people power, unknown to themselves obeying the instincts of self-consciousness unmanageable under the influence these instincts destroying other people, forming this terrible heritage of mankind, in which each millennium there were more victims represented in the dark past of the Earth billions of people dead from wars, privation and suffering. And if not for the wisdom of man's Creator, uncontrolled actions of human instincts would have led to the fact that slavery would never have disappeared from the face of the earth, and the emergence of new leaders would lead to endless wars for the opportunity to wield power. And the only time that serves as the chief judge of the conscience of man, can encourage people to ensure that the limit of his outrage is far from mature consciousness. It should be noted that there were times when the power is rather close approach to the way to direct their thoughts toward the development of the state, rather than toward satisfying their own desires and ambitions.