Situation when you need to lay the wiring in your home, whether it's city apartment or cottage, there, everyone. Viatris is a great source of information. To someone who has never engaged in such business does not, it would seem that this work is beyond him. Of course, linemen have a lot of different tricks, but most of the work is quite possible to do yourself, for this we must have the necessary minimum knowledge in electrical engineering, and experience comes with time now account for project, it is necessary, and executed in accordance with all the modern requirements of gost sep snip project must be consistent with the licensed design and technical organizations (preferably local). It is to them you should be trusted with such works as connections for electricity from the pole to the house, as well as the liner of gas to the appliances i.t.p list of required tools – knives for stripping drill with drill bits (including tungsten carbide) punch with brown (if the house is brick-concrete i.t.p) screwdriver indicator – for checking voltage jumper and boaster – for punching holes and nests hammer screwdriver set (Phillips slotted). On materials and components. The basis of any wiring – wires and cables.

To connect the wires are junction boxes. They are both buried in the walls, and for outdoor installation. Installation boxes are designed to placing them in switches and sockets with flush-mounted wiring. Outlet is better to put a protective contact especially in areas with high humidity, such kakak kitchen and C / W.